Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Vishwaroopam 2 Movie Details

Lead actor, writer, director and producer, Kamal Hassan, decided to produce Vishwaroopam 2 when he made the first part. Vishwaroopam 2 is a bilingual movie, produced in Tamil and Hindi as Vishwaroop 2 and dubbed in Telugu language as Vishwaroopam 2. The movie cast is similar to its first part and is the sequel of Vishwaroopam. It includes Kamal Hassan, Rahul Bose, hot actress Pooja Kumar  and Andrea Jeremiah in important roles.

Kamal Hassan, who produced the first part Vishwaroopam, invested more then 90 crores in the movie, spending all his hard earned money and keeping the home on mortgage. The movie somehow managed to reach 100 crore club, but the actor had to face losses. Most of the superstar like Rajnikanth, advised Kamal Hassan not to do such mistake again, but the actor was determined and overcame all the obstacles which were in his path.

Good news for Kamal is that he managed to rope in producer Ekta Kapoor for his Bollywood Hindi language movie Vishwaroop 2. The sequel also has the same budget of Rs. 100 crore. Now let us wait and watch whether this movie proves to be successful for the actor Kamal Hassan.

Actress Pooja Kumar claims that the sequel is much more entertaining and she has been given much more responsibility in part 2. In the movie, she plays the role of a scuba diver and will be seen doing sizzling hot bikini scenes. Writer Kamal Hassan, has made full use of the actress. There will be hot kissing and bed scene between Kamal Hassan and Pooja Kumar, which will attract more visitors to the cinema hall.

Shooting of the movie has been done in the parts of scenic Kodikanal. Its a beautiful place and most of the couple plan their Honeymoon in such place. It is said that the director Kamal Hassan, has shot some awesome scenes.

As per our sources, the movie was decided to be released in Diwali, but because of its slow progress, the movie's release date is postponed.

The teaser trailer has been released and is getting good number of views on the Youtube channel. The teaser was uploaded by the Social Media Marketing team of the movie, called as VoynicPictures.

Teaser Trailer:

The teaser trailer is of 40 secs and is very attracting. Kamal Hassan and Pooja Kumar are shown sizzling hot.

First Look Posters and Movie Stills:
Pooja Kumar hot in Vishwaroopam 2

Kamal Hassan in the movie

Movie Poster

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