Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Grand Masti movie review

Grand Masti, which is supposedly India’s first adult comedy, only makes it clearer to the wider urban audience of India that no matter how many millions we spend on our movies, how technically advance we become in our sound mixing, graphics and animation or simply how mature our film fraternity has become, we are still very much ‘the third world’. Yes, the Grand Masti is actually an insult to the audience, especially women, who went for movie looking for some adult humor and came out spitting the dirty and vulgar taste this movie as a whole, leaves in your mouth. For one, it has no originality as many of the gags used by the director Indra Kumar in the movie has been copied from classic Hollywood comedies such as Austin Powers, Ace Ventura and a few more. And, even while plagiarism is in general ‘Okayed’ by the Indian audience, the director has made a huge blunder in copying the scenes trying to create the same effect.

The movie released on the same day when the decision for giving the capital punishment to the culprits of the Delhi Gang rape case came in and irony is that this movie is no salute to the decision as it only adds to the agony of the Indian women because the whole movie revolves around treating women as objects of pleasure. The movie surprises you with the number of low points it has, as every time you see one and think to yourself that this is it, it can’t get worse than this and in a few minutes, it just digs deeper. The movie revolves around the same plot where the three friends, namely Amar (Ritesh), Prem (Aftab) and Meet (Vivek) are heavily deprived of sex, bored of life and are looking for ways to spice up their life (read sex life) and here is when the news of their college reunion breaks in. And, the director takes it for granted that the audience would have never been to a college reunion themselves as the actual reunion is absolutely nothing of what is shown in ‘Grand Masti’. Or can anyone inform director that reunions are not ‘pick-up points’? Manjari Phadnis and Chandi Perera has done good quality acting, compared to the other actress.

There are a few clever lines though that might give you a false ray of hopes from time to time but it clearly doesn’t increase the bar of the movie. Laughs are going to very few if sensible is the word you use to describe yourself and have respect for women. The problem with Grand Masti is that the makers of the film have not been able to differentiate between cheap, vulgar and funny and have somehow ended up making badly made lemonade, too bitter to taste. Overall, there are six actress in the movie but none of them would be able to leave any impression upon you as far as their talent in acting is concerned but yes, if you are looking for a visual treat, then the movie is loaded with hot pants, tight shots, cleavage, bikinis and sexual innuendos that are hard as well as shamefully embarrassing to describe precisely.

In the final analysis, it can be said that if you have an appetite for vulgarity, bulk load of cheap jokes, then this movie just might be close to appealing you. But unfortunately, in our poll counter, there is hardly anyone who has such an objectionable appetite and anyone who is looking for something like that - watching a porn movie is better as it just might have a passable storyline too. Grand Masti is not grand by any means and if you have been waiting for that weekend break to have some fun, then this movie is something you definitely want to avoid or you just might be posed with too many questions from yourself about the integrity of the people who made it.

Movie Rating: 3/5

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