Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sonal Chauhan & Neil in Dialogue Promos from 3G Movie

Sonal Chauhan and Neil Nitin Mukesh have done hot steamy kissing scenes in the upcoming horror movie 3G. There are not many days left for the release of the movie, that's why they have decided to release some dialogue scenes from the movie. There were many horror movies released in the year 2012 but none were successful. Lets keep our fingers crossed for the movie 3G and hope Sonal Chauhan and Neil makes their best to scare us :).

Agar mein tumse kahu yaha koi hai
Agar Mein Tumse Kahu Yaha Koi Hai!

Lets get rid of this phone

This page includes videos of dialogue scene from 3G movie. Do let us know your views on the above videos and also let us know do you find Sonal Chauhan hot or not.


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