Friday, March 29, 2013

Himmatwala Movie Review

I thought Himmatwala remake would be a better one then original. But now I am cursing myself that why did I wasted my money. I want to apply a letter to the director Sajid Khan asking for my money for movie ticket back.

Himmatwala has nothing new in the movie. It is a melodramatic movie of 1980's. Ajay Devgn who has produced hits like Son of Sardar, Singham, Bol Bachchan in last couple of years have disappointed his fans.

Paresh Rawal has delivered good acting and his role is unforgettable. Tamanna Bhatia who made her come back in Bollywood movies after 2005, received positive response from critics. She is looking gorgeous in every frame of the movie.The Tamil and Telugu actress Tamanna is one of the most popular south Indian actress.

I seriously dint like songs from the movie. There are 4 songs in the movie Nainon mein sapna, taki taki, Dhoka Dhoka and thank god it's friday. 

Sajid Khan who has made hit movies like Heyy Baby and Houseful has nothing new for his viewers this time. We wish all the best for Sajid Khan for his upcoming projects.

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